geForce 6200 fail with 304.131 driver

I have a workin desktop computer running the older opensuse 11.0. The hardware is Athlon dualcore 4600+ with 4Gb of Ram and video card geforce 6200.
The system works great, zero problem, fast, stable and 3d games work perfectly. I am writing this post in this computer.

Now is time to update the system to a newer linux version, but i have a great problem with propietary driver.I install a fresh openSuSE LEAP 42.1, the opensuse works.
My first step was try to install the propietary driver, the newest at this moment is 304.131. Here start the problem.
The mouse pointer move fine, but the screen is freezed. If i do click to open some menu, the menu does not open. If i switch to a console and come back to X the menu appear. Here is possible see a short video with the problem.

I try with one click drivers, with install script (versions 301.131 and 304.128) with upgraded kernel and kde. I reinstall opensuse almost 6 or 7 times with similar result (sometimes only freeze with pointer movement and never menus)

Suspecting of opensuse, i install kubuntu 14.04, and install driver using apt-get and same result, screen freeze, mouse movement allowed, every 30 seconds the screen go black and restore rapidely with the menus open (or closed or whatever that i trigger when is freeze)
¿Some clue to fix it?

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hmmm six days with no answer. Seem like the solution is buy a new video card. Sadly if nvidia didnt giveme support, i will buy an AMD video card.
I lost two weeks trying to making work a buggy driver.

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Look at this