GeForce 6200

I recently installed a GeForce 6200 256MB PCI in my coputer, which is running on XP. My problem is, it doesn’t have pixel shader or 3D Acceleration. On System Requirement Labs it doesn’t register any 3D Acceleration or Pixel Shader, and Team Fortress 2 doesn’t work. The reason I bought the card was the fact that it DOES have Pixel Shader 3 support and 3D Acceleration, so my brother could play TF2. I have looked around on the internet, and I know that the 6 series definately has Pixel Shader. On the back of the box of the card it says it has Pixel Shader and 3D Acceleration. I have the latest driver installed and I have DirectX 9. Is there any reason why it doesn’t appear to have Pixel Shader or 3D Acceleration?

Oops, sorry. I saw “GPU Computing Discussion” and I am extremely new here. Please can somebody delete or lock this?