sorts search results alphabetically instead of numerically

It looks like 390.87 is the latest but it is not.

In that screenshot you selected the Geforce 500 series. Fermi is not supported by newer driver versions. So yes, 390.87 is the latest.

No 390.116 is the latest. It’s further down the list and not in the screenshot.

Ah sorry you’re right.

Now you have to scroll way down to find 390.125 as the latest for 390 series (GTX 500 series cards)

390.87 is still shown on the top even though 390.132 is out.

This bug also affects as that page won’t show the list and will just go to the “latest” driver which it also thinks is 390.87

(search for GeForce 500 series drivers to test)

Appears to be fixed.