GeForce drivers redistribution

I’m working for a company manufacturing medical diagnostic devices, sold together with accompanying Windows-based software for device control and data analysis. We’d like to use CUDA to accelerate that data analysis. Since many of our customers need to install the software on PCs without an Internet connection (e.g. in a hospital setting), ideally we’d like to provide them with a CD containing the installer of our software and all its third-party dependencies. However, while the CUDA license allows redistribution of the DLLs making up the CUDA Runtime, redistribution of GeForce drivers for Windows (which are also needed to run CUDA-dependent applications) is prohibited by paragraph 2.1.3 of the NVIDIA Geforce Software License Agreement. Would it be possible to obtain permission for redistribution of these drivers in these specific circumstances?

Without this permission, our end users will be forced to install the drivers themselves (by downloading them to a flash drive), but many of them may lack technical skills to do that. Also, many healthcare institutions restrict the use of flash drives for security reasons, which will complicate this process even further.