GeForce GT 630 on GNU/Linux LOW resolution only - please help install driver(s)=improve res.

video card :… ASUS (branded) NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 (*silent/no fan) 2GB , DDR3 w/4x Cuda cores. 0db and GPUtweak.
mobo:… ASUS m5 a97 r2.0
cpu:… AMD fx 4350 )
display:… 40“ lcd over HDMI (highest is 1200x768 ) dvi and vga are lower. all my menus are HUGE and can’t get any resolutions described in the cards specifications.
… my old machine did much higher.

Am requesting help installing the correct driver for this card. when I last updated the (new pc) install (for the first time), i had to use "[i]yum --exclude=xorg* --skip-broken update[/i]” or else it would  display a mashup of lines from all outs (hdmi,vga,dvi).    

Before i continue with another attempt, i would like to know what exactly to do. I have found what i think is the right driver [url=]right here[/url], but uncertain on how to proceed. I would prefer to use cli for this, as well as keep my current kernel. Unless i can get .e16 to run as well in later releases because .e16 is my favorite wm, and while it is currently working, its in a very low display. 

the only thing i can get to work as the box describes is the [b]0db[/b] part . 

thanks for reading.

anything more specific ?

will this help improve the resolution ?
or… maybe just return the card and get another brand.

Are you able to install driver ? What error/issue you are getting ?