GeForce GT 710 - HDMI hotplug detection (HPD) doesn't work on Ubuntu

Hello there. I have a problem with the HDMI cable hotplug detection in Ubuntu. If I’m not misunderstood, the mechanism should work like this: a HDMI cable contains the hotplug detect pin, if there is a link between the source and the sink, then this pin will be pulled up, the driver will detect a change of state of this pin from low to high and the sink will be shown as “connected” in the xrandr output. Similarly, if there is a change from high to low state of the hotplug pin, the driver should detect this and the sink should be shown as disconnected.
I have a video capture device which is connected to a PC with Ubuntu 20.04 via HDMI. Sometimes I need to simulate the HDMI cable unplugging so I pull down the hotplug detect pin. I can see the change of state in the udevadm monitor output, but the sink remains being “connected” in the xrandr output. My Nvidia driver version is 470.199.02, kernel version is 5.15.

Here are some logs, hope it will help to better explain my problem
GamingComp_udevadm_output.txt (1.9 KB)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (652.4 KB)