Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. Drivers problem

Due to the fact that I have old drivers (2017) I can’t play some games (Like Valorant, CS:GO and similar ones). I decided to install new drivers.
First, I installed the latest ones (February 2022), but they slowed down my computer (Mostly it was very noticeable in games). Then the drivers of 2020-2021 and they also slowed down my computer.
I will be grateful if someone solves the problem.

Hello @Polzovatel6891 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I am afraid with this limited information there will not be much we can do to help. Given that your computer is from 2017 there can be a great many reasons why your machine is slowing down.

Trying a fresh installation of the operating system and latest graphics drivers or at least a clean installation of graphics drivers (There is an option to do that as part of the driver installation process) is usually a good start to narrow down the issue.