GeForce GTX 1050ti and Vegas Pro 13

Hello everyone. (I translate this message from Spanish to English with Google Translator)
I recently bought a desktop computer:

  • Intel Core I5 ​​6400 Skylake
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX1050ti G1 Gaming 4gb ddr5
  • Gigabyte B150M-D3H
  • Crucial 8gb ddr4
  • Disk Sata III 1tb
  • Cougar STE500
  • Cougar MX200
    I understand that my graphics card would greatly help rendering videos on my “Sony Vegas Pro 13”, but the problem is that it does not even start, the program locks on the load screen, when it displays text similar to the following "initiating acceleration Per GPU. "
    I have tried with re-install the graphics card drivers, but everything is the same. What I checked is that when I disable the graphics card in the “Device Manager” options, the Sony program loads without problems, but obviously I can not take advantage of my new graphics card.
    Why is this happening? What can I do to take advantage of the GTX 1050ti in Vegas Pro? CUDA was supposed to help render videos.
    Thank you all.

What is “Sony Vegas Pro 13”? How do we know it makes use of CUDA, and itsn’t just an OpenGL, OpenCL, or NVENC based application? Since, from the name, it seems to be a Sony product, I would suggest you check with Sony:

(1) whether this product is in fact GPU accelerated
(2) what GPUs are supported for acceleration (maybe consumer cards are not supported)
(3) what NVIDIA software components it requires or supports (e.g. OpenGL or CUDA versions)

“Vegas Pro 13” is a well-known video editing program …
I know you can work with Nvidia graphics cards because in your options says it, in addition, many users of the web show how to configure it (attached an image of how you see such menu)
It could be a problem with the Sony program, but I find it strange that the program does not start when I use the GTX 1050ti, but when I use the graphics card built into the motherboard does work (at least I would like to use the program without having to disable the Graphic card).
It would be helpful to know if other users have managed to use Vegas Pro 13 with their GTX 1050ti

The GTX 1050 Ti (didn’t even know such a thing existed; seems to have been shipping for six to eight weeks now?) would appear to be a very new graphics card, one which likely requires the very latest NVIDIA driver package. What NVIDIA driver version do you have installed on your machine? Do other graphical applications work fine when you switch from your built-in graphics to NVIDIA discrete graphics?

Some applications (e.g Folding@Home) work with a white list of known/tested graphics cards, and will not run with new hardware that hasn’t been added to the white list yet. Could this be the case for your app? This goes back to my earlier question as to what GPUs are listed as “supported” by Sony. It is possible that the app only supports high-end graphics cards, or only professional (e.g. Quadro) ones, I would not know one way or the other.

A few links for the OP and anyone else who stumbles upon this:–103190/?page=2#ca636854

Basically it seems that software has not been updated to work with any sort of newer NVIDIA video cards.