Geforce GTX 1080 G-SYNC

I am considering receiving data using G - SYNC using GEFORCE GTX 1080.

There are some things to check there, so please provide us with information.

① If you have anything on the market that is sold by NVIDIA, such as G - SYNC receiving side chip, we would like to provide information.
② We would like to provide information on the interface specification of the receiving chip of G - SYNC.
③ We would like to confirm whether you can purchase G - SYNC DIY kit (FullHD / 4K).

Thank you.

What exactly is your CUDA-related question?

I’m sorry.

It seems that I made a mistake in the place to question.

I’d like to know how to receive G-SYNC from GEFORCE GTX 1080, but do you know the optimal question location?

I was checking the root of the forums here,, and I don’t really know where you could get help faster.
The numbers show that this is the most active section, but since it is not related to programming, people might just not read it. Then one has to count on a moderator stepping in and answering.
With a few answers already, let’s hope a more knowledgeable guy clicks it. :-)

Hi Katsuhito,

I would try posting your question in the Geforce forums.



Thank you for responding variously.

By the way, Mr. Tom, where was the question specifically moved to?
I’m sorry, could you tell me where to move?

I suggest posting to here:

Let me know if you have any issues.



Thank you very much.

I will try asking a question again in the place I told you.