Geforce GTX 950M Windows10

Hello, I tried to install CUDA on my pc but i do have some issues. I installed multiple versions like 10.2, 11.1, 11.3 but they didn’t worked as expected. I read that for GTX 950M the CUDA versions supported and until 5.I have to use Pytorch and that’s why i’m installing it. So i checked and Pytorch suports CUDA from 7.5 and above. For Geforce GTX 950M version 398.35 and Windows10 which CUDA version should i take from 7.5 and above in order to make it work? If i take CUDA 8.0 should it work?

GTX 950M has the compute capability of 5.0. It does not mean you can only install CUDA version 5. CUDA version is like Pytorch version, you can upgrade to latest version if you like. But must check what is the cuda and cudnn version supported by pytorch.
I also have gtx950m. I installed cuda version 10.1 with cudnn v7.6.5. It works fine for me for both tnesorflow and pytorch.
Hope I answer your questions.