Geforce GTX 950M with ddr3 1.5v memory

Hello, I installed gtx 950m graphics card instead of gt 635m on my laptop. I thought the hardest part would be to connect my PWM controller to it. But it was not so. I can’t get any video memory. The system freezes if I try to turn on the video card. In the register 11d2a8 changed the value for ddr3, tried to copy everything in the init script from another graphics card with the memory I need. Some registers do not match the address, it is not clear what and where to copy. Can you help? Maybe there is a Datasheet or something that I do not suffer. Tried to log using nvdebugdump, so it encrypted my log. Can only decrypt version 02.02, and it can not be downloaded anywhere. At least tell me where to get it, if you know.


Have you tried reinstalling the Nvidia drivers?

The following KB article might provide some insight.

Are you serious?