[Geforce GTX 960M] Enter and down arrow keys dysfunctional


The enter and down arrow keys work randomly, either with the BIOS or with Ubuntu 15.10, and I suspect the drivers of the graphics card. Here is a history of the facts:

  • New laptop with cubuntu, everything worked.
  • Installation of Ubuntu 15.04, no problems with the keys.
  • Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10, first dysfunction of enter and down arrow keys, either with the BIOS or with Ubuntu
  • After an update, the keys are working again regularly.
  • After connecting a video projector to the VGA port, new malfunction of both keys.
  • New installation of Ubuntu 15.10. Currently both keys working always episodically, either with the BIOS or with Ubuntu, either using Nvidia or Intel GPU. For the Nvidia GPU, I tested the nvidia-352, the nvidia-352-updates and the X.org driver, and for Intel GPU I tested the intel-microcode and the free drivers.

Is it a problem with the drivers of the Nvidia card? How can I solve this malfunction?

I’m sorry to tell you but that has nothing to do with nvidia drivers whatsoever. If the keys malfunction on the BIOS, the problem is on the hardware, nothing else. (besides, even if it did work on the BIOS, graphics drivers only talk to the graphics card, not the keyboard)

Thank you for your answer.