GEFORCE® GTX 1070 vs QUADRO® M2000


recently I realized my graphic card is too old and slow. I’ve updated to Adobe Creative Cloud and currently working with Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC and Red Giant motion graphic plug-ins. In the future I also plan to work with 3D programs such as Cinema 4d.

The GTX 1070 and the Quadro M2000 are in the same price range. My question is:

The GTX 1070 seems very powerful for this mid-price range, what are the advantages of using the Quadro M2000? What makes this graphic card better for using it with graphic programs and what effect has the Quadro M2000 on video games? What is the difference in general? Or should I use the GTX 1070 as a hybrid solution for playing games and working with graphic programs?

Thanks in advance for your help!