Geforce Titan based on GK110

The rumour mills have been spinning, and a lot of IT news sites are spreading the information about a GK110 based consumer Geforce card. Or rather prosumer card, based on its rumoured price tag of around $900.

But somehow I doubt nVidia would do us the favor to enable professional features on this consumer card such as
-dynamic parallelism
-unthrottled double precision support

But are we going to have the enhanced atomics support in this GPU?

If so, wouldn’t this require some intermediate CUDA compute capability level, such as 3.1 to distinguish it from cards not offering that capability?

Feel free to pitch in with reasonable speculation and assumptions. I doubt nVidia will make any statements about unreleased/unannounced products yet.


Hmm, this was intended for the CUDA programming and development forums. In the DirectX/DirectCompute forums it seems somewhat misplaced.