Gen4 NVME errors

Our custom Xavier NX carrier cards work for PCIe Gen3 NVME SSDs without issue. When PCIe Gen4 NVME SSDs (e.g., WD SN770) are used, there are many errors:
“PCIe Bus error: severity=Corrected”
which may delay or prevent Xavier NX boot to Ubuntu. Our application requires NVME SSD connected to carrier card through highspeed cables/connectors.
After the Gen4 NVME SSDs booted, write and read speed did reach 4.3GB/s and 5.9GB/s.
Are there ways to suppress those PCIe error messages?
Thanks in advance for suggestions

Try to diable ASPM? Adding pcie_aspm=off to the kernel cmdline.

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Adding pcie_aspm=off and pci=noaer to the kernel cmdline of /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf seems working.

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