General Developers Datacentre Case Study / Scenario

Hi Guys,

just came across this the other day so still blown away. I know it may seem a little out of scope of what is really intended for GRID but I’m wondering what I would need for the following scenario.

I’m a general developer and have need of the following services:

PC (windows and Linux)
email server (linux)
database server (linux)
http server (linux)
etc. (Windows and Linux)

There are many stacks that do this but we need more powerful machines.

I’m wondering if a paper could be developed to give general developers the power of Tesla and execute all these servers for a complete developers environment.

I know many people that would love to miniaturize their home datacentres and run a single powerful machine complex.

I think the paper would address all the following:

The Developers Stack/Architecture?
Where would I start?
What do I need?
Installation of Grid/{hypervisor?}/vPC/vWrkStn software
Firewalling etc.

thanks for your understanding - I’m a novice to this type of grid. But this would be a great way to develop a market for general developers.