(General feedback on quality and performance) Omniverse VR specs and RTX real time renderer

Hi Omniverse Team,

Really love the idea of building once in an USD project and being able to use that same USD project for XR usage too particularly for clients review. Unfortunately performance and quality is a big miss currently considering the high specifications(A6000/3090) needed when compared to enscape VR, unity/unreal engine which does not required the top of the specs GPU to drive their VR experience and offer better quality. These are the benchmark real time renderer and engines performance/quality that omniverse XR will need to match or surpass to be effective else there would be no incentive to use omniverse XR for XR experience.

The RTX real time renderer quality needs improvements to be somewhat closer to the path tracer in quality parity (Pathtracer has good quality but is not effective to be use in XR as the renderer will keep updating on the constant camera movement).Performance is also not idea considering the hardware specifications used, taken into account that VR needs the consistent high frame rate for a good user experience which is crucial.

Positive I did find using is on the AR tablet which is workable but does lose tracking here and there, could use a improvement on a more stable tracking experience.

I know Omniverse XR is very new and under beta but hope to see major improvement to Omniverse XR for it to be widely adopted. Thanks !

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