General Purpose Mouse (GPM)

I’ve been trying to get the GPM service to functional correctly on the TX1. No /dev/input/mice is created so I changed /etc/gpm.conf to use /dev/input/event5 which is definitely the device receiving input from the mouse. GPM starts without error, but I still don’t see any cursor on the screen. Has anyone been able to get GPM working properly with the TX1 and a USB mouse?

I have not set it up, but I wonder if update is needed via “dpkg-reconfigure gpm”. This may generate something new for the conf file.

That didn’t help. It simply walks you through all the settings which are already there. I suspect the problem may be related to the fact that the kernel was built without mousedev support.

Hello, robross0606:
You can enable CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV in kernel config. Then /dev/input/mice will work well. Then try gpm.


Yes, I already have this working now by enabling mousedev. Also enabled swap while I was at it. Some very curious omissions from nVidia on this kernel build.