General question omni.anim.people


I have a question regarding the omni.anim.people extension.
The extension utilizes the cmd.txt file to define the behaviors of characters in a given scene.
Specifically, I am interested in whether these behaviors are deterministic.

While it is clear that with the same cmd.txt file, the characters will execute the same commands in the same order, I am curious as to whether the simulation outcome will be consistent across multiple runs.

Is it possible that, due to factors such as collisions between characters, the navigation paths of my characters may differ slightly between simulations?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @jominga - Someone from our team will review and respond back to you.

Hi @jominga - I received the response from the team.

this makes the timeline play every frame, never skip one

import omni.timeline
timeline = omni.timeline.get_timeline_interface()

This makes delta time consistent

import carb.settings
settings = carb.settings.acquire_settings_interface()
settings.set("/app/player/useFixedTimeStepping", True)