General Question on Editing the Device Tree, then flashing the device

I’m hoping to get some direction and clarity on how I go about editing the device tree then flashing the device.

I am using a Jetson NX TX2 with an NCB00 carrier board. I have added an XCB-6cam board and connected the CSI2 port to this board and two IMX219 cameras hanging off this board (basically single CSI to 2-cameras connected on two MIPI ports).

However, I’m really struggling to find any clear documentation that guides me on how to edit, compile and flash the Jetson via the SDK manager.

I took a hint from this article that I need to edit the bus-width, and on grepping the Nvidia image source that was downloaded via the SDK manager I can’t see anything that resembles this

In summary two questions:-
1/ are there any guides I can follow to edit the device tree and apply these to my jetson?
2/ How do I go about changing the IMX219 bus width?

Any help would be appreciated!

Moving to Jetson TX2 forum for resolution.

hello roblocke,

assume you’ve download the public release sources via Jetson Linux | NVIDIA Developer,
please check Kernel Customization chapter to build the kernel and device tree sources.
you may also see this session, Flashing a Specific Partition, for flashing a specific partition instead of flashing the whole device by using the command line option ‑k.

please check the sensor driver to ensure it’s actually using the same configuration.
after that, you should update the device tree property, bus-width to define the using bus width accordingly.
in addition, please refer to this training video, which should helps for your camera driver development. i.e. V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial.

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Thank you for your prompt reply and the pointers to the tutorial. I will take the time to follow.

Many thanks!

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