General shape of tf.placeholder()

Here, let’s say my network is so simple such as (it’s just a minimal example)

with tf.Graph().as_default():
    a = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, (None, 3), name="input") 
    c = a + 1

where the input placeholder has shape (None, 3).

In UFF conversion, there is a part like

uff_model = uff.from_tensorflow_frozen_model(frozen_graph_file, output_names)
parser = uffparser.create_uff_parser()
parser.register_input('Placeholder', shape, 0)

where the “register_input” requires its shape to be 3-tuple with CHW order. assuming input is always an image. In this case, I just want to use general (None, 3) shape. Is there a way for general (non-image-like) shape of input?

For information, the output is as below.

Using output node add
Converting to UFF graph
No. nodes: 11
registered input:  Placeholder
TypeError: List must be length 3

You may need to use dimensions of length one to satisfy the API.

TensorRT is a deployment tool and has a strong heritage in image processing. Over time we want to lift arbitrary restrictions like this but that will happen over time.