Generate Video file only when detection

Hi Everybody,

I’m searching for a solution, maybe you can help me please.

I’m using Deepstream under Xavier with our specific yolo module of detection. When I’m opennig under Xavier my “deepstream-app - c parameter.txt”, I see my camera with red windows on the object I need to detect. Until now, all is OK.

I created also another parameterfile.txt where I can record my camera with the metadata widows information. But this recordings are begenning from the execution command “deepstream-app - c parameter.txt”. So this is a permanent record file.

But now, I need your help to find the best solution in order to get automaticaly and Instantly a video file (mp4) only when there is a detection with few second before and after the detection (buffer). And the video file name need to include the the datestamp sequence of the moment and the ID of the camera.

Of course, I don’t necessarily need to see my cameras online when this task is running.

Thanks for you help !


You can use dsexample to filter out frames
from the pipeline until there is a detection.