Generating Ray-Traced Caustic Effects in Unreal Engine 4, Part 2

Currently we are still focusing on UE4, but I think we will try to move all the stuff to UE5 once it’s ready :D

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Hey, just want to post a question here, i’m use UE 4.26.2, NvRTX_Caustics-4.26 branch, when i open the example file “MeshCausticsDemo_4.25” i can see Caustics is working, but all glass objects has no shadow. i have tried/checked everything relates to the shadow, with no success to turn on the shadow in UE viewport. but if i run “MeshCaustics_923” i can see everything are in there includes the beautiful Caustics and shadow. so my question is, how i can bring back shadow in “MeshCausticsDemo_4.25”? to get the same look as we have in “MeshCaustics_923”.

thanks in advance.

Hey Ossi.lutot, i also have download the test file, “MeshCausticsDemo_4.25” but when i open it, i got the caustic working, but all glass objects has no shadow in my ue viewport. do you have the same issue?

Hi Nran! With a quick check, everything seems to be working as it should for me. I understood that you have probably tried all the settings already, so really don’t know what might be going on - maybe if you already haven’t, try the cinematic viewport with a fresh cinecamera if there are some postprocessing settings affecting your regular viewport?

in my case, i can see the shadow in indirect reflection, but for direct shadow on the ground, i don’t see shadow on the ground, this is strange.

Hey Youngy1, do you guys have any plan to release Ray-traced Caustic for UE4.27? because in 4.27, the ray-traced translucency material will cast shadow by default. this is something was not available in UE4.26,

Hi Nran, we are working on the upgrading, and will release the Ray-traced Caustic UE4.27 ASAP.

WOW,love it, thanks to Nvidia!

I’m using unrealcv 0.3.7 to get the images from cinematic camera. Seems that caustic light is not “visible” to this camera. Is there a way to fix this?