Generic custom camera sensor

Good morning everyone
I’m new on this forum and also on Jetson platform. I’m looking for help on camera interfacing support, for Jetson Nano. The main goal of our project is to acquire frames from custom cmos cameras. What I need is a point of start for getting information because there is a lot of links on web and I’m a little bit confused.
I have a custom sensor board and

  • I need to capture images
  • Convert from bayer to yuv 420
    If I’m right, I need
  • V4L2 driver for cmos
  • V4L2 driver for acquiring frames
  • Something that converts from bayer to 420, like libargus? Is this library available or is only for certified third companies?
    Could someone help me?
    Thanks in advance

Yes, you need to implement the v4l2 driver.
And argus are public API and have sample code. You also can use gstreamer.

Below link may help.

thanks so much for the reply. For caputere I think these are good informations.
Only a thing: for bayer converter to YUV, do I need to use argus o other tools or this could be done inside V4L driver? Are the CPU/GPU involved or it’s free of charge over the system? Because I see on web that others have developped a lot of libraries to do bayer conversion using CPU/GPU. What I’m looking is not use for example gstreamer but insert all in a module or in a c++ aplication. In my scenario, there is a non standard resolution to support (eg 1920x128) and also a non standart framerate (also, capture an image in triggered mode). Could this be done?

Using argus that include the HW ISP pipeline and it’s output YUV format.
Argus involved both GPU and CPU and not public the source only provide the API to customer.