Generic Ubuntu Kernel on Drive AGX

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Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0

Target Operating System

Hardware Platform
NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)

SDK Manager Version

Host Machine Version
native Ubuntu 18.04


Is there any possibility to update the rt-tegra kernel (4.14.150-rt67-tegra) patch to generic ubuntu kernel, say version 5.4.0 ??

Or, is there any possibility to have generic Ubuntu 18.04 as one Guest OS?
There is one project requirement for me to have generic Ubuntu on Drive AGX. Please suggest.


Dear @satheesh90,
Is the ask is like you want to flash ubuntu OS onto DRIVE AGX? AFAIK, we do not support it. May I know why you are looking for this?
You do not need to use DRIVE OS in your project?

Hi @SivaRamaKrishnaNV , there is a requirement to have Kubernetes to scale and manage docker containers on drive-os . But, there are certain issues related to cgroup drivers in drive-os due to which the Kubernetes is failing. So, I thought of having a generic ubuntu on Drive AGX.

Dear @satheesh90,
You do not require any of the DRIVE OS libs like CUDA, TensorRT, NvMedia etc in your project?

Do you just look for DRIVE OS having kernel with Cgroup v2 support?

@VickNV , as long as the Kernel supports kubenetes, that is fine. Is there a possibility to upgrade the kernel? Thank you!

Dear @SivaRamaKrishnaNV , currently I’m trying to bring up the platform as per the project requirements. Once the platform is up and running, I’d use libs like CUDA and TensorRT for the applications.

Actually, I wanted to flash the generic Ubuntu as one Guest OS and the other guest OS be the Drive OS.

AFAIK, DRIVE AGX Xavier won’t have further Linux kernel upgrade. Releases for DRIVE Orin will support newer Linux kernel.

It seems NVIDIA’s kernel has cgroups mostly enabled, does that not suffice?

cat 5.2.6/sdk/drive-oss-src/kernel/arch/arm64/configs/tegra_defconfig | grep CGROUP:


NVIDIA’s downstream kernel ships with a bunch of SoC-specific drivers and code. Unless you’re experienced in kernel development and willing to invest a few months you’re probably not going to be able to port that to anything newer.

You’d also have to carefully separate out the in-tree changes. Note essentially a tarball with no Git history is provided. Something I have done though for security update reasons.