Geometries are not shown in usdview 0.22.11

Hi all,

I’m learning USD format by using usdview from Omniverse and it works fine in version 0.22.8 (at least I got a blue sphere in viewport by default). However I got nothing in viewport when using version 0.22.11 and I noticed that all options under “Renderer” menu are gray out. It looks like that something become unsupported in new version. Are these issues comes from my antiquated graphic card (GTX 965M) ? Does usdview require a RTX card to work properly ?

Hi @Yu_Chen. RTX is not required and AFAICT, your GPU uses the minimum supported OpenGL 4.5. Checking with the dev team.

Hi @Yu_Chen. It does seem like this should work. It might be worth checking with the usd-interest mailing list in case there has been some other update to Storm that would cause your GPU to be incompatible.