Get contact buffer for batch simulation


I am using the IsaacGym to build a robot manipulation environment.

I was wondering that is it possible to get the contact buffer, i.e. isaacgym.gymapi.RigidContact using the Tensor API, like what can be done in the standard API get_env_rigid_contacts. Current the acquire_net_contact_force_tensor can only provide net force.

If the tensor-based pipeline does not support reading full contact information, is there any alternatives to know whether two actors are in contact with each other?

Appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Hi, we currently only support tensor APIs that collect all contact forces on bodies ( acquire_net_contact_force_tensor ) or you can add force sensors to certain bodies with create_force_sensor . We will be working on a more fine-grained collision detection API that will eventually allow you to retrieve collisions between specific bodies or objects.