Get JetPack version without password

it is possible to know JetPack version of TX2 if i do not have password?

System loaded to login screen normally.
May be debug uart can help?

You can clone the rootfs partition (takes a lot of time and disk space), then loopback mount the image. Within that you can examine the first line of “/some/loopback/mount/point/etc/nv_tegra_release”.

I don’t know if the boot log will show this, but it might. You could just post a serial console boot log since it isn’t much effort compared to cloning.

I’ve tried but cloning process freezes at “tegrarcm_v2 --isapplet”.

You might need to post a serial console log during cloning to see what the full message is. However, other questions might be useful if answered:

  • Is the host PC a VM?
  • Is this a dev kit, or a third party carrier board?
  • Is the USB cable the micro-B USB cable supplied by NVIDIA, or is it a charger cable?
  • What was your clone command line?

Issue was with jp4.5. We ran from jp3.4 folder and it cloned successfully.

Thank you for help.

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