Get Jetson to run with config #2

Hi All,

I’m new to the TX2 board, and I need some help when adding/flashing it.
I have bought a J140 from Auvidea and a TX2. Auvidea tells me I need to get Jetson to run with Config #2 to get all ethernet adapters to be fully functional.
My question is how do I do that? Which config file do I need to change to get it to flash with config #2.


So I have found that I need to set this here var: ODMDATA in the p2771-0000.conf.common file to one of the following.

ODMDATA=0x90000 config#1
ODMDATA=0x1090000 config#2
ODMDATA=0x6090000 config#3
ODMDATA=0x7009000 config#4