Get list of OpenGL errors

Just installed NSight 4.7 (5.0 just crashes) (Win 8.1 64, 670 GTX, 16 GB RAM, VS 2013)

Went through the user manual and can’t find anything that would simply show me a list of opengl errors that occurred. I know I have one because it displays that an error occurred when you pause the HUD. I could easily just run my program using GLIntercept and it gives a nice error log but I’m trying to build a cohesive development environment. Don’t want to use multiple disconnected tools.

I’ve tried creating an analysis as per the user manual.
I’ve selected tracing api errors.
It generates a report nicely but doesn’t show anything regarding errors.

I don’t see anything in the user manual or the actual product where they are listed.
None of the reports show errors.
That said, all of your marketing material states that I can do this.

Been searching now for over 8 hours and all I can find on the net is “Nsight doesn’t work” or “Nsight keeps crashing”. I think google’s “higher ranking for more links to page” combined with a very buggy product is getting in the way.

So the question is really simple…
Can I get a list of opengl errors from NSight and if so where do I find this or how do I tell NSight to generate it. Also, just to be clear, I’m talking of course about opengl errors in my program not NSight (when searching for “nsight get list of opengl errors” all you get is hits about errors in Nsight itself.

Thanks in advance

Launch Nsight, click “Start Graphics Debugging”, then pause&capture the frame, open Events View page, you can check the error under the column “Issues”.

Performance Analysis doesn’t support the feature.