Get look at rotation code


working with quaterions and I’d like to use the code from get look at rotation in my own function. Wondering where I find the code snippet for this function?


Hi @Sirens_uk. GetLookAtRotation is a C++ node, but oddly enough, the source code is available in the omni.graph.nodes extension: omni.graph.nodes\omni\graph\nodes\ogn\nodes\math\OgnGetLookAtRotation.cpp

Hey mati, but i’m not sure where or how i access the omni.graph.nodes directory? I take it, it would be via vscode?

I’m just not up to speed on this.


Sorry for the delay on this. Have a look here to see how to look up extension code: 6 Crucial Tips For New NVIDIA Omniverse Developers - YouTube

Thanks mati, i checked that out. I could find the script I need to take sometime and work out how to use the ogn database. Can see how that would be helpful. I’m doing some testing today so I’ll close this out thanks :)

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