Get nvidia driver from ubuntu recovery

(sorry for my english)

I was trying to use CUDA and my commands Nvidia-smi didn’t get response from Nvidia drivers
To resolve, I unfortunately remove my Nvidia drivers and install instead a old one.
I lost access to ubuntu and i am forced to use ubuntu recovery to resolve this.

I try different solution find on the net but i am quite lost and make things worse and worse.
From ubuntu recovery I have access to a root console. Do you have any idea to install a recent driver from this situation ?

I am using ubuntu 16.04
My graphics card is a GTX 960

Thanks for your help.

If you installed the new drivers from a .run package, you can uninstall it by running “nvidia-uninstall” as root. After that, you may need to re-install the Ubuntu packages. I think the command for that is “apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-375” but you might want to try an Ubuntu-specific forum for help with that.

Thanks for answer aplattner.

It works, thanks again.

However, my computer start in more that 30s (instead of 5-6 previously). It get stuck in a mauve screen during this time. Any idea why ?

(i was not able to uninstall, the command was not know)

If you can get into the GRUB menu, you can edit the command line and remove the “quiet splash” entries from the kernel command line to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, Ubuntu makes it very difficult to get into the GRUB menu in the first place. I’m not sure what the right way is to do that these days.