get_pcounter and collectl

Hello All,

I’m attempting to set up a full implementation of collectl and it specifies in the conf file that the command ‘get_pcounter’ which is supposedly provided by the Mellanox OFED install. Has the command been deprecated or moved to a new command? I have searched Google looking for a solution but have not come across anything relative to the get_pcounter. Any guidance is appreciated.



Hi Jared,

This utility is no longer maintained thus was dropped. you have a new set of IB tools coming with ibutils2 package which can show you relevant information.


Thank you for the information. I thought it may have been superseded by the ibutils2 package. Since collectl parses the command for output, I guess I was hoping to find an example of the output so I knew more specifically what it was looking for. I’ll dive into the ibutils2 package and see if it really matters. Perhaps it’s more of a collectl question at this point. Again, thank you for the response.