Get position of primitive w/o dynamic_control

Hello. How can I get coordinates of specific primitive without using dynamic_control.get_rigid_body_pose()?

I want to make that primitive a “collider”, not “rigid body”, as otherwise it falls down from the wall.

Also, could you point me to the docs / description of how coordinate systems are organized in Omniverse? I am confused by following questions:

  • is there an absolute coordinate system, or all objects have coordinates wrt default (root) prim?
  • are there local (wrt parent) or only global coords?
  • how can i visually check axes orientation of coordinate system the “Details” panel shows coordinates into? It seems like gizmo changes orientation depending on the point of view and there is discrepancy between its axes and sign of numbers / names of axes in the “Details” panel
  • is it possible to get position / orientation of one prim wrt coord. sys. of another prim?
  • if I have a spatially extended geometry of a prim, can I somehow set a point on in using editor to get this point’s coordinates later from the code?

Omniverse and the IsaacSim application manage the scene using an open-source system from Pixar called Universal Scene Description. Most of the functionality you describe should be in the USD API. The coordinate system should be relative to the origin of the ‘Stage’.

You might find it useful to peruse the documentation of related Omniverse products like Create: