Get & Save RAW CAN data from Tx2


I want to record RAW can data from Jetson tx2 board. i have configured CAN0, CAN1 ports for the same.
I need to know how to get the data from CAN0/1 ports by linux command.

please help


If you are trying to receive the same raw data on receiver node which has been sent on the other CAN node.
If so, can-utils is a tool can be used for this purpose (cansend/canreceive command)

Please let us know if you are trying to check something else.

Thank you.


Thanks for the response .

Yes i am trying the same … can you please tell me how to use can-utils to get the data from CAN port.

the command to recieve the can data ?


You will need to install can-utils(package) on the system.
sudo apt-get install can-utils

Commands to run to check CAN packet send/receive
broadcasting a can data packet:
cansend <can_interface> <can_frame>
e.g. cansend can0 123#abcdabcd

Receiving a can data packet:
    candump can_interface
    e.g. candump can1

Another useful commands: cangen, cangw etc. These commands are also part of can-utils package and can be used for various filtering options.

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Thanks for your answer.
I need clarification on below thing.
I want to know the CAN device connection status to CAN port of Tx2 board.
is it possible to get a CAN connection status, that is device connected or not connected to can0/can1 of tx2.
please reply.

thanks in advance.

Hi Nagendar,

Yes, it can be checked.

Use ifconfig
ip -details -statistics link show can0
ip -details -statistics link show can1

This will output all the connection status.

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