Get stripes using tegra_multimedia_api/v4l2cuda with ov5693

I try to get raw10 bayer data by tegra_multimedia_api/v4l2cuda but get only colorful stripes. Maybe my addressing is wrong. And I find that the bayer data is over 10bit. Here is my debayer:

static void process_image (void * p)
unsigned short *pRawData = (unsigned short *)p;
IplImage *pBayerData = cvCreateImage(cvSize(width,height), 16, 1);
IplImage pRgbDataInt16 = cvCreateImage(cvSize(width,height),16,3);
memcpy(pBayerData->imageData, (char )pRawData, widthheight
sizeof(unsigned short));
cvCvtColor(pBayerData, pRgbDataInt16, CV_BayerRG2BGR);

Please check the following post: