get temperature and supply voltage from the board

the are many zones under the /sys/class/thermal/ folder to get system tempature like;
/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0 , thermal_zone1 , thermal_zone2 , thermal_zone3 , thermal_zone4 ve thermal_zone5

and many input files for to get supply voltage under the /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device0/ folder like;
in_voltage0_input , in_voltage1_input , in_voltage2_input

many for current like;
in_current0_input , in_ current1_input , in_ current2_input

and many files for power like;
in_power0_input , in_ power1_input , in_ power2_input

I need to read all this values to create some alarm events but I have no idea which one is correct for
tempature, voltage, current and power.

thanks in advance

hello argem6tuf,

you could enable tegrastats utility for the platform processors usage and also status reporting.

Hello JerryChang
Thanks for your quick response.
I need to retrieve these values programmatically. How and where can I read them via python?

hello argem6tuf,

you may access the sysnode for values,
please also refer to documentation, please check Software-Based Power Consumption Modeling for the description of each channels.