Get the average of two values in OmniGraph

Hi, I wanted to create an Ackermann Controller in Omnigraph for a tricycle. I have only one wheel in the front for steering. Is it possible to calculate the average of the two Output values (Left- and Right wheel Angle) in OmniGraph?

Two options either just use one of the angles. As they should be the same for a left and right wheel. Ie -15° (to left) would be the same for both wheels.

Or use a script node if the are different for whatever reason

Db.inputs.left = left
Db inputs.right = right

Centre = Do your average function here

Centre = db.outputs.centre

Just make the I/O’s single float values

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There are two different values for the left- and right wheel angle. But then I will use the script node as you mentioned. Thank you very much

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