Get the information about optical module


CX3 device supports SFP and SFP+ modules, is there any way to to know if a optical module(on an AOC cable) in CX3 device’s port, and how to fetch the module’s buffer?

Actually I mean any firmware operation word’s(or dirver API) I can use?


ibdiagnet list some QSFP+ module information of a CX3 port,

however, I was looking for a way to develop a similar function like ibdiagnet, in order to get more detailed module information.

You can try and query the switch port connected to the ConnectX-3 through the Mellanox Switch with the “show interface ethernet 1/x transciver”

HowTo Find Cable Info on Mellanox Adapters and Switches

See here some examples (but with copper cables).

Thanks Ophir!