Getting Android running on TX1

I know this was a large topic of discussion for the TK1 but it isn’t addressed for the TX1. My team is looking to get Android up and running on the TX1 but haven’t found any useful info.

Nvidia is currently using Android on their Shield TV using the TX1. Why would they not allow the same use of Android for developers on the TX1? I see the Shield recovery OS image in the developer downloads but I’m not sure if it can be applied to the TX1. I saw Jedroid was created for TK1 but nothing has been released in regards to support for TX1. Any help on getting Android running on the TX1 would be appreciated.


The surrounding board around a Jetson TX1 is different than what the Shield sits on. The SoC is basically the same, it’s everything else around it that would need adapting. That’s a lot of adapting…I don’t even know what the boot loader setup is for Shield (I’ve never had one to look at), but if you could get the L4T u-boot working for starting a Shield, you’d at least have a flexible way to try new things (like changing dtb’s, kernels, and kernel modules without flashing).