Getting Contact Points/State from IsaacGym environment

Hi! I want to find a way to get contact point state information in an environment (position and orientation on two object frames that are in contact), similar to how the getContactPoints function works in PyBullet. Is there a comparable method in IsaacGym? So far I have only found documentation for creating sensors that can register contact forces at specific locations, but that would not be sufficient for my use-case.

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Hi @krshna,

At the moment, we support getting net contact forces for rigid bodies (see docs/programming/tensors.html), but we don’t support a way to separate these out into the individual contacts. We also support force sensors (see docs/programming/forcesensors.html), which can be placed at arbitrary points in the model, but again, these don’t separate out different specific contacts.

We hope to have a new tensorized API to represent more detained contacts for Gym in Omniverse in the future.

Take care,

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