Getting cudaErrorNotMapped from cudaGraphicsSubResourceGetMappedArray

I’m trying to do D3D11-CUDA interop, and getting cudaErrorNotMapped , which seems to be undocumented. Google couldn’t find a single mention of it, and the cudaGraphicsSubResourceGetMappedArray documention doesn’t mention it.

I’d love to know what it indicates, as it might help me solve the problem.

Looking at the documentation, there is this:

If resource is not mapped then cudaErrorUnknown is returned.

I suspect that that “unknown” error has been converted to this error code in a more recent version of CUDA, and simply hasn’t been updated in the docs. The error code is defined in driver_types.h

Well, it still doesn’t appear there and it’s conjecture on your part, though I’d say it’s reasonable.

Doesn’t really help, but I guess I can find the problem eventually. Still, the docs are out of date and not that helpful.