Getting "devmem: mmap: Operation not permitted" when attempting to test PCIe

Hi. I have two Jetson AGX Xaviers. I am attempting to test PCIe using these two Xaviers using the following documentation from NVIDIA:

As mentioned in the above documentation, I flash one Xavier as root port, and the other as end point. I follow the instructions, and am able to follow them till the point where I get the end point’s BAR address. My end point BAR address was:
BAR0 RAM phys: 0x108338000

After that, the next step mentioned in the documentation is to read the end point memory using the following command:

Based on this, I entered the following command:
busybox devmem 0x108338000

However, when I run this command on the end point, I get the following message:
devmem: mmap: Operation not permitted.

Memory write using the busybox devmem command also gives same error message.
( For reference, memory write command used was:
busybox devmem 0x108338000 32 0xfa950000

How do I resolve this issue? I am running Jetpack 5.1 on both the root port and the end point.

My bad. I was looking at the wrong documentation. Jetpack 5.1 uses R35.2.1 BSP, while I was looking at documentation of R34.1. When I go to the documentation for R35.2.1, I can see that I need to recompile the kernel:

I am currently attempting to recompile the kernel as stated in the documentation. Will mark this as the solution if this resolves the issue.

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