Getting e-CAM30_CUTX1 to work with L4T28

We’ve recently purchased a e-CAM30_CUTX1 from e-con Systems, but their supplied drivers only work with L4T24.2 (which has a 3.10 kernel). We’re in touch with e-con Systems support, and they’ve advised us to use L4T24.2, but we really don’t want to run an old kernel and older versions of the various libraries.

Any idea of how to approach this problem? Has anyone successfully gotten a third-party camera without official driver support to work with L4T28 (or at least with a kernel >= 4.4).

Hi mbirkegaard,

We at e-con, are working to release camera drivers for our cameras, including for e-CAM30_CUTX1, in coming days. This should unblock you, I hope.

Parallely & independently, we are also following up with NVIDIA to get some of the issues we are seeing in L4T28.1 fixed.

Will keep posted with further updates.

Hi Subramanian,

That’s a relief! Thank you for letting us know.