Getting empty CUsurfObject in modified syncSensor example

I am trying to capture left and right cameras as in syncSensor example and give both cameras to single cuda kernel. Eventually, kernel will be used for stereo vision project, however, for now, I am just dumping CUsurfObjects into file for later manual check of image.

So, for some reason, CUsurfObjects surface_left and surface_right are empty and I cannot figure out why. Can some one help me?

Code is here:

I found where mistake is:
Instead of calling imageDumper(cudaSurfObj_left, cudaSurfObj_right ....
I was calling imageDumper(cuResult_left, cuResult_right ....

Question, why I did not get any error when calling function? It is two different types.

Code in Github repo is fixed and could be used by others to get grayscale images from CSI camera.

Github repo:


It looks like you already fix the issue.
Is there anything else we can help?


I am curious why I did not get type error.