getting error in using docker image deepstream:4.0.1-19-devel

Hi, I got some trouble in using the image “”. I download the image in a laptop without GPU, then use the following “save” command to save an image tar file:

docker save -o /path/deepstream401devel.tar

After this, I load this tar file in a GPU server with GPU 1080TI and T4, respectively, using the following command:

docker load -i /path/deepstream401devel.tar

then I get the following error:

open /data/docker/docker/tmp/docker-import-257678482/d4a66b5d5e3acc2bbf0052d3b8a8ef60b5e38e3d10454f1c38fb611db3ec3cc0/json: no such file or directory

However, this error dosen’t happen for images deepstream:4.0.1-19-base, deepstream:4.0.1-19-samples.

I really hope someone can tell me how to fix this, thank you in advance!!


We are checking this and we will get back to you.


We were not able to reproduce this behavior on our side. Are you still seeing these issues or have you been able to fix it ?