Getting error, vi_capture_setup: control failed, errno 1 in JetPack4.6

Yeah, it is. We are using IMX273 with IMX219 driver.
Last time I mentioned about problem in new bsp. I tried by copying and moving folders one by one. My observation is that if I have bootloader in bsp from J4.6, I am facing this issue. My WiFi is also not coming up. I am gettting error pcie module. But When I use bootloader form J4.4, I am not facing any issue. Is there any change in bootloader that is affecting the kernel?


I don’t think bootloader ever initiates the wifi. Could you file a separate topic for wifi issue?

It will be useful if you can provide what are changed in J4.6 and What do I have to consider If i need to migrate to J4.6. Currently I am rolling back between files and packages. That is not the solution. If you can provide an optimal solution that will be better.

Just file a new topic to discuss wifi. This original question is for camera so not suitable to discuss non-related issue.

Also, I need to clarify the situation first, so file a topic please.

I have created WiFi through PCIe is not working in Jetpack 4.6

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