getting information about the onboard CSI Kamera of Jetson TX2

Hello everyone,
I’m working on the Jetson TX2 for my object detection project. for that I’m using the onboard CSI camera.

my question is:

Is there a way to get to know specific information about the camera like :
-sensor size (Dimensions) in mm.
-Focal length.

I need this parameter for making some camera calculation.

Would be glad to get some help

thanks in Advance

Have a argus API,
Not sure if this function help on it.
virtual Range Argus::ICameraProperties::getLensApertureRange()

Hello shane,
thanks for your response. I actually extracted the Tar file you posted. It display the API of a lot of components. So I got lost i don’t know where to search.

one other thing how can i use your ptoposed function ?

thanks in Advance


Download the multimedia API sample code to investigate it.