Getting low fps (object detection with yolov8s) on Jetson Xavier NX

Device : Jetson Xavier NX 16GB Ram
Tensorrt Version :
jetpack version : 4.6.1
model conversion : pytorch → onnx → engine(using trtexec)
when inference this engine on video or camera it gives only 12-15 fps
How can I improve FPS


Have you maximized the device’s performance?

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ sudo jetson_clocks


how can i use this

Simply run the above two commands on your shell, then run your applications.

there is no improvement in FPS after running these commands

Is Fan on the heatsink running?


how can i increase fps


Could you check the GPU utilization ratio that reports by tegrastats?

$ sudo tegrastats

If TensorRT already fully utilizes 99% of resources, you will need another device that has the more computational power to increase fps.


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