Getting occlusion output data from Replicator Composer


I have a question regarding the usage of the replicator composer. In the replicator composer overview I saw that it supports the output of occlusion data, but I could not find any tutorials or source code, where I could find out how it works. Are there any tutorials or code snippets available?

Does this document help you? 5. Replicator Composer — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Thanks for your suggestion. That was the page where I saw under point “5.2. Replicator Composer Overview” that Replicator Composer supports the output of occlusion data, but I could not find information on how to get this data. Are there code snippets where I could learn how to use it?

Hi there,

it seems the occlusion parameter is not in the output annotators list documentation. Can you try setting occlusion to True, similarly to the other annotators.

Let me know if it works out.


I added “occlusion: True” for testing to the example “flying_things_3d” but the program crashed with the error message “ValueError: Parameter ‘occlusion’ is not a parameter.”. You can find a screenshot with the error message attached.

I checked and it seems occlusion is not in the parameter list, I will create a feature request regarding this.

Thank you. Will that feature then be available with the next release?